It is said ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. When community faces peril, some talented persons among them do rise up to the occasion and find a successful
solution to the problem.
Such talented persons were responsible for Hoisting the flag of Rotary. Rotary club of Karwar was established in 1960 and they started transacting the Rotary routine every
week in a Bank premises. Those days there was not even a single big hotel in Karwar, which could offer a conference room for the public. It so happened that the manger
of the bank, a Rotarian, was transferred and the management of the bank refused to allow us to meet in the bank premises. We were literally on the streets. Then we
decided that we shall have our own meeting hall. Under the able leadership of the then President, Rtn. Dr. B. R. Rai, a delegation of Rotarians impressed upon the D.C. of
Karwar and  prevailed upon him, to sanction about 2 guntas of land to construct our meeting hall. The DC was kind enough to allot a 60’X40’ plot along MG Road. We
had absolutely no reserve funds.  All the Rotarians willingly donated not less than Rs. 4000-5000 each and  some Rotarians namely, Rtn. Srinivas Rao and Rtn. P.R.Nayak
donated more than 25000 each as the hall was to come up in memory of Late. Rtn. D. V. Chittal, a member from Hubli Rotary Club who sponsored our Karwar club. He
was their guru too.
The onerous duty of constructing a new building rested on the shoulders of our next president, Rtn. Pitambar Tandel. He with the active help of Late Rtn. Chandrappa the
Assistant Executive Engineer in the PWD managed the whole show. I believe President Rtn. Pitamber Tandel had to dump in building materials of about Rs. 80,000 from his
own pocket, to complete the construction. The spacious, beautiful Late Rtn. D.V. Chittal memorial hall was inaugurated in 1978.
In 1980’s, there was an acute need of an ambulance in Karwar, as the only ambulance in Civil Hospital became unfit for use. It was then Rotarians from BILT namely Rtn.
Bhushan, was President, Rtn. Saxena and Rtn. Jabbi, rose to the occasion and spared no pains to collect sufficient funds to purchase a suitable ambulance for the people of
Karwar. Our Rotary Ambulance Service was inaugurated in May 1989. Thus, Rotary Club Karwar had acquired assets. Rotary clubs are forbidden to own any assets and
every Rotary Governor, on visit to Karwar would ask us to start a Ttrust for managing the assets. Thus Rotary Club Karwar Charitable Trust was founded in Sept. 1997,
When Rtn. Ajay Shetti was the president of the club.

Unfortunately the roof of our hall started leaking, as our building was now 35 years old and big chunks of cement concrete started coming loose. We had not constructed
the first floor due to paucity of funds and the harsh monsoons & humid climate of Karwar took its toll. It was then, under the able leadership of our then President Rtn.
Krishnanand Bandekar, a reputed civil engineer, a decision was taken to construct 1st. floor immediately.

Rtn, Cmdr. A.R.B.D’Souza, a resourceful person who was our President then, prevailed upon a philanthropic businessman of Karwar, Mr. Sathish Sail of Mallikarjun
Shipping concern who graciously donated a new ambulance to our club and we resumed our ambulance service.
Life span of a Rotary Club over 55 years is not long, because our PARENT ORGANIZATION ROTARY INTERNATIONAL is more than a Glorious Century Young!
Rtn. D.V. Chittal as Governor’s Special Representative from R.C. Hubli  was instrumental in sponsoring our  Club on 31st January 1960 provisionally  charter was
presented on 4th March 1960.

Dr. Suryavanshi and Rtn. G. K. Haldipurkar were the Charter President and Secretary.  Then followed a galaxy of dedicated Rotarians who led the Club into greater
heights year after year.
On 15th August 1978, our club moved into its own Rotary Community Hall (dedicated to late Rtn. D.V. Chittal).  It was inaugurated by Rtn. Justice G.N. Sabhahit
(Hon’bl Justice of High Court  Bangalore).  Ever since we have been meeting and conducting various beneficial programs and projects at the D.V. Chittal Rotary
Community Center.
Notable events are  executed and  achieved each year  in RC  Karwar.  The long felt need of an Ambulance Service   was   provided to public of Karwar  by  Rotary  in
the year 1982. Thanks to the magnificent support and contribution by Ballarpur Industries Ltd, BILT, Binaga (Now Aditya Birla Chemicals India Ltd. ) which was
possible because of active role of Rtn. V.S. Saxena and Rtn. V. Bhushan
Our old community hall was on the verge of collapse due to old age.  So we all embarked upon the tough-task of constructing the 1st floor Hall which was inaugurated on
16th July 2005 at  the august hands of Shri Ananthkumar Hegde.  M.P. Uttara Kannada Dist. and aptly named “Rotary Shatabdi Bhavan”.  The renovated lower hall has
been kept open   for any community project.
Enlightened minds of Rotary Club of Karwar initiated Water Drinking project at Maladevi Ground for the thirsty  sportsmen was fulfilled by the club by providing pure and
safe drinking water.  The project  was inaugurated by DG Rtn. Avinash Potdar on 15th October 2011.
Rtn. D.V. Chittal as a Governor’s Special representative from R.C. Hubli was instrumental in sponsoring our club on 31st January 1960. R.I. Charter was presented on 4th
March 1960.

A Retrospection

1. Rtn. Suryavamshi  was the Charter President of Rotary Club of Karwar.
2. Rtn. D. V. Chittal was next president and serving for next two years.      
3. Late G.N. Sabhahit, who was President of our club later adorned the Karnataka High Court as a renowned  Judge. He also inaugurated our community Hall
(Ground floor) in August 1978.
4. Rtn. N.D.V Bhat who was our President later was elected as District Judge.
5. Shri J.G. Godse as secretary of our Club was known for his disciplined activities, in propagating Rotary ideals in the Community.
6. Rtn. Harry D’Souze gave fillip to the Commencement of our own D.V. Chittal memorial Community Hall. Because of paucity of Fund we could not construct the
building in good time. How happy we are that Uncle Harry D’souza continues to be an active and humorous of our club even to day.
7. Rtn. G.V. Bhat, V.S. Bhagwat and Rtn. B.Sreenivas Rao, expanded the activities of the club of organizing various innovative projects, like Inter City Inter District
Seminars etc.
8. Rtn. B. Sreenivas Rao played important role in construction of hall by collecting funds.
9. Rtn. Birkodikar, A.M. Kittur and R.V. Haldipur generously contributed the interest free loan to the Building fund of the club.
10. Rtn. Dr. S.R. Pikle, very reluctantly agreed to be the President of the Club in 1980-81. Once he took the mantle of the club, he suggested the members to devote
more attention to our adopted village-Amdalli. He is very much a member of our club and village Amdalli. He is very much a member of our club and rendered
great service to the Rotary Ambulance Project till recently.
11. Rtn. K.D. Pednekar, himself a dedicated representative of sound Health & environment; arranged Health Checkup Camp in remote village like Binaga (which was
out CMC) and arranged a mammoth Health Checkup camp at Karwar city for the benefit of common people of our Rotary Area.
12. Rtn. K. Sanjiv Rao the distinction of leading 10 member delegation to the colombo R.I. Convention.
13. Rtn. Late Adam Shaikh was the back bone of internal activities of the club in publishing regularly SPARK- our official bulletin etc. His unitmely death also a shock
& set back to our Rotary Charitable Trust which was got registered by him.
14. Rtn. Dr. G.D. Bhandari, a renowed Ophthalmist has been instrumental in the organization of Eye checkup camp in remote villages as also Karwar City.

15. Rtn. M.A Kittur was the first Asst. Governor from our club, Rtn. Jitendra Tanna was instrumental for matching grants and Rtn. Ajay Shetti has occupied District
official assignments creditably.
16. Rtn. Leo Lewis helped in getting a new Ambulance Van from Mrs. Margarate Alva, our M.P from her M.P. Fund.  And was instrumental in starting Karwar City
very famous project which highlighted the name of Rotary “Green and Clean Karwar”.
17. Rtn. Manohar Kambli, provided fresh drinking water schemes at Majali village.
18. Rotary Centennial year president Rtn. Krishnanand Bandekar has inducted record number of members during his period and won award for the same.  Rotary
Shatabdi Bhavan was built in his period
19. Rtn. Prasanna Tendulkar has provided in mid-day meal utensils etc. to Govt. School at Amadalli. Newly constructed backyard compound of Rotary Hall. Various
new project like Healthy baby competition, Teenage programme, Volleyball competition, Carrom Competition, Girl child  adoption etc., were held.  
20. Rtn. George Fernandes, brought new life and vigor to the club when he took over as President. He by his hard toiling and amiable co-operation of all the members,
was able to bag six coveted, Prizes during 2008-09. During his period membership  reached a threshold of 50. Job fare, Cardiac camp etc were the big
achievements during Rtn. George’s Presidentship.
21. Rtn. Minin Pudtado has meticulously organized the onerous Golden Jubilee Celebration- 2010, in a befitting and memorable manner Golden Jubilee Year Rtn.
Minin Pudtado as president, in the memory of the 50th year various community project held and grand event of charter night celebrated.  Great Lyricist Mr. Jayant
Kaikini, Dist. 3180 PDG Rtn. Suryaprakash Bhat  and DG Rtn. Gurudatt Bhakta,  were the guest for the function. Comedian Mr. Richard Luies and Natya
vidhushi Ms. Sahana Bhat has presented the performance.  Event was hosted at Zilla Rangmandir.
22. Then Rtn. Nagaraj Agli had taken over the charge of our Club. But due to his illness many activities could not be carried.  At the end of the his tenure sports
materials are purchased viz., TT Table, Caroms etc.
23. During Rtn. Suraj Gaonkar’s period all projects like community, vocational, international, youths were undertaken. A big achievement is  Enlighten minds at Rotary 
Karwar initiated Water Drinking project at Maladevi Ground for the thirsty  sportsmen who were striving for the basic necessity. Our club by providing pure and
safe drinking water to the sports persons created a Brand in the public.  The project  was inaugurated on the august hands of DG Rtn. Avinash Potdar on 15th
October 2011.
24. During Rtn. Mohan Rane’s period  all projects like community, vocational, international, youths have been accomplished.  A Maga Health Check-up camp with the
help of KLE Belgaum was Organized successfully. 
25. Rtn. Shailesh Haldipur started with a bang right from day one of the Rotary Year 2013-14 by celebrating Doctor’s day. Kept the reputation of our 54 year old club
by conducting  various community based projects, New generation programs, Vocational Service projects and mainly contributing to Rotary Foundation through
sale of Raffle Tickets. And creating round the clock fellowship and friendship. Planning various mega projects like Health checkup camp, Polio Plus Programme,
District Level Competitions and maximum efforts to contribute to Rotary Foundation
26. Rtn. Raju Patil: has started the year 2014-15 with Doctors day celebration on 1st of July followed by Installation ceremony on 2nd of July with august hands of
DGN Rtn. Dr. Vinay Pai Raikar. During Rtn. Raju Patil’s period “A Rotary Hall Annex” has been built spending Rs.3.95 Lakhs. All the Rotarians and other
Donors have also strengthened the hands of Rtn. Raju for completion of the Annex.   He has conducted various projects like Vanamahotsav, Health camp, Note
books distribution, distribution of fruits to the patients of Civil Hospital.  
27. Rtn. Pradeep R. Naik started the Year in 2015-16 with a Bang-on Start by installing at the august hands of Rtn. Anand Kulkarni then DGND and now DG RID
3170. Rtn. Pradeep R Naik has been ably supported by Secretary Rtn. Maruti P. Kamath.Various Signature Projects viz., New Ambulance costing Rs.9.40 Lakhs
with the help of Syndicate Bank, MLA Sri. Satish K. Sail and The Rotary Trust, Artificial Limbs Camp with the help of Sadhu Vaswani Trust, Pune. 100
Beneficiaries have been helped to lead their life. The Project Cost Rs.10 Lakhs., and other various community Projects.
28. Rtn. Amarnath Shetty during his tenure as President in 2016-17
29. A galaxy of secretaries of the club have chipped-in the growth & programme of the Rotary Club Karwar over the past 57 years. It is befitting and necessary too, to
remember with appreciation the services rendered by some of them namely Rtn. Capt. Eddie Vegas, Rtn. R.V Haldipur, Rtn. Nagaraj Agali, Rtn. V.B. Mallikeshi,               
Rtn. Vaibhav Baadkar, Rtn. Mohan Rane, Rtn. Anmol Revankar. Rtn. Raghavendra G. Prabhu, Rtn. Shailesh Haldipur, Rtn. Dr. Sameerkumar Nayak , Rtn. Raju
Patil,         Rtn. Shivanand Naik and Rtn. Maruti P. Kamath.